Women’s Clubhouse Story

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Federated Women’s Clubhouse Story

In August of 1923 the newly formed Marquette Federation of Women’s Clubs committed itself to raise $9000.00 to pur-chase the property located at 104 West Ridge Street. The twelve clubs (representing about 450 women) who, in addition to wanting a meeting place, were determined to prevent the erection of a gas station on the site as had been proposed, and they circulated petitions against this use. George Shiras III, always a public-spirited citizen, bought the property agreeing to lease it to the Federation with an option to buy within one year. Renovation, repair and remodeling were also necessary before the house could be inhabited. Undaunted, individual members made pledges, while member clubs held bazaars, card parties, plays, teas and involved themselves in a host of projects designed to bring in money. Much effort went into obtaining furnishings and the community responded generous-ly with donations of this type.

By June of 1926 the Clubhouse was ready for use. In July of 1926, Mr. Shiras, being very impressed with what these wom-en had accomplished in such a short period of time, deeded the property to the Federation. He remained a godfather to the organization and in June of 1928 donated $5000.00 for additional repairs.

For many years, the Clubhouse was maintained largely with dues paid by member clubs, individuals and fees received for rental of the facilities for social and other events. With rising costs, additional sources of funding are necessary. The current fundraising projects are the Yesterday’s Treasures Sale held the first Saturday in December and the occasional Yard Sale. All items are donated by Federation Members and friends.

Membership is also open to individuals. This is an opportunity for those who are not associated with a Member Club to enjoy the privileges of Federation membership. Most important, is the opportunity to be involved in the support and upkeep of this beautiful Victorian home built over 120 years ago.

The Clubhouse is available for all events such as meetings, workshops, training, brunches, luncheons, baby and wedding showers, card parties, concerts and receptions. For information or reservations, call 226-2831.

Prepared by Marquette Federation of Women’s Clubs, 2017

Current Club membership includes:  American Association of University Women (AAUW), Marquette Area Piano Teacher’s Association (MAPTA), Lake Superior Piano Workshop (LSPW), The Marquette Lions Club (LIONS), and ZONTA.

The Federated Women’s Clubhouse is located at 104 W Ridge St, Marquette.  It is a gracious Victorian setting for all of your special occasions.
            Engagement Parties             Bridal Showers
            Wedding Receptions             Baby Showers
            Anniversary Parties              Recitals
            Graduation Open House      Receptions

For Reservations Call the Clubhouse at 226-2831
Caretaker:  Jayna LaViolette

An answering machine will take your message.  Be sure to leave your name and phone number.  The clubhouse caretaker will return your call.

Use of champagne, wine or punch is permissible; use of beer or other alcoholic beverages is prohibited.  NO SMOKING or lit candles.

$100.00     Use of meeting room and kitchen – up to 4 hours
(includes set-up, take-down, and cleaning)
$90.00       (Member rate for above)

$50.00       Deposit on room in advance
$15.00       Per hour over 4 hours
$  8.00       Rental fee per cloth tablecloth

Federated Women’s Clubhouse

2021-22 OFFICERS
President: Sue Madden, Zonta
Vice President: Sara Doubledee, Lions
Secretary:  Carolyn Myers, AAUW
Treasurer:  Pam Grundstrom, MAL
House Chair:  Rita Rossway, MAL
Garden Chair:   Judy Ashby, MAL
Fundraising/Publicity:  Susan Madden, Zonta
Assistant Fund/Pub: Scott Sampeer, Lions
MAL Rep:  Sandra Longhini, MAL

Judy Ashby, MAL
Sara Doubledee, Lion’s Club
Meg Goodrich, AAUW
Pam Grundstrom, MAL
Sandy Knoebel (for corrrespondence), MAL
Sandra Longhini, MAL
Sue Madden, Zonta
Carolyn Myers, AAUW
Nancy Railey, MAPTA/LSPW
Rita Rossway, MAL
Scott Sampeer, Lion’s Club

American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Lake Superior Piano Workshop (LSPW)
Marquette Area Piano Teachers’ Association (MAPTA)
Marquette Lion’s Club (Lions)
Zonta Club of Marquette (Zonta)
MAL = Member at Large